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The Beauty That Came From The Cold

  Regardless of whether it’s Siberian, Alaskan or Greenland, a Husky is a wonder to behold. Lean, powerful and majestic, Huskies have long been indispensable helpers to people living in Arctic regions. These dogs offer us the opportunity to get as close as possible to wolves without fearing for our lives. Just the opposite, actually [...]

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Thinking Of Getting A Dog? Make Sure You Get The Right Breed

So… you’ve caught yourself thinking more and more lately about the joy a dog would bring into your home. We believe you are absolutely spot on but still urge you to consider a few things before parting with a copious amount of money for a purebred or rushing to the rescue centre as a more [...]

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Keeping Your Dog Safe In Cold Weather

With winter in full swing, we reckon that novice dog owners will benefit from some tips on keeping their pets safe and sound during the snowy season. Hopefully, all dog owners will find something new as we take our pick from a list compiled by We should start by pointing out that winter is [...]

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Getting Started With Housetraining

Everybody loves a well-trained dog, but only dog owners know the amount of patience and persistence that requires. These qualities are particularly important when the newly arrived family pet has to be taught the basics of going to the toilet. We can all agree that a dog who doesn’t get it right will prove a [...]

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It's Loud, It's Sniffy And We Adore It!

Beagle owners may not know it but they have a truly ancient dog. Well, more like a representative of a breed whose origins are lost in the depths of time. In the Beagle installment of its Dogs 101 series, Animal Planet noted that the Beagle was a well-loved pooch in the Middle Ages and the [...]