About Us

Exquisite Charms of London

Exquisite Charms of London was founded in the Spring of 2012. We create unique and exclusive charms inspired by things we love.

We fuse the latest technology with the most talented hand sculptures in the UK to produce designs that become our finished charms.

Using only the finest English Sterling Silver our Birmingham manufacturer completes the process by hand polishing each and every piece they produce.

Our passion for animals in particular dogs launched our first range of charms. We won’t stop until we have a charm that replicates every recognised dog breed from around the world.

Commissions and suggestions are very welcome as are pictures of your pets. We aim to bring out the personality of the dog and our first charm the “Smiling Staffy” is a perfect example of just that.

We truly care about our designs, and the dogs they represent. We hope you get as much pleasure out of wearing our jewellery as we have in creating it.