Bichon Frise
All The Fluff Without The Allergies... But In Exchange For Serious Brush-Wielding
All The Fluff Without The Allergies… But In Exchange For Serious Brush-Wielding
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Love dogs but fear allergies? Do not despair! There are a number of breeds that can work for you and few are as beloved and popular as the small, fluffy, affectionate and lively Bichon Frise. This dog belongs to the group of so-called hypoallergenic breeds, meaning that they shed little or no hair and this makes them suitable for people prone to allergies.

But while bringing a Bichon into the family may preclude a potential allergy problem, it does come with a whole lot of maintenance strings attached. Even owners who go for the shortest Bichon hairstyle (known as the Lamb or Puppy cut) should be prepared for daily grooming activities. As the dog approaches its first birthday it starts getting its double coat and matting becomes a serious problem. Proper grooming techniques require lots of time and practice to master, which is why the majority of pet owners seek the services of professional groomers on a monthly basis.

Practical people will most likely opt to give their Bichon the Lamb cut, especially if they do not plan to enter the dog in shows. As PetCareRx explains in one of its grooming articles, the coat is shaved close to the body and longer fur is left on the head and tail. With the Panda cut, the fur on the body is slightly longer and more is left on the dogs head and tails, as well as between its front legs and behind the legs. The Show cut, which will require extensive daily grooming, is the one that creates the famous powder-puff appearance associated with the breed.

Despite its need for grooming, the Bichon Frise is just a fluffy, little white dog that loves human company. It is independent, intelligent, affectionate, bold and lively and just wants to love and be loved back. Bichons are naturally sociable and are happiest when they are part of a family. So make sure you can take your Bichon everywhere you go with our fluffy Bichon Frise silver charm.

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