Bespoke Charms

Make your Own Charm

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Our superbly skilled designers can reproduce your dog from set of simple photographs. As with all of our charms it will be a fully dimensional replica of your dog made in Sterling Silver.

Whether it is a special look he gives you, a crooked smile or if she sleeps in a strange position, we will capture it. The charm will be designed and made with love and care making sure every detail is noted.

Our bespoke service comes with several choices. We can make the head or a full body whichever you prefer. You can share your beautiful dog with everybody, or keep it very private, it’s entirely up to you. We will even laser their name on the charm if you like.

Bespoke charms will not be replicated, retailed or resold. We will only produce the number of pieces you request. Exquisite Charms Ltd will retain the copyright only to protect it and ensure it is not copied by anybody else.

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