Getting Started With Housetraining
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Getting Started With Housetraining

Everybody loves a well-trained dog, but only dog owners know the amount of patience and persistence that requires. These qualities are particularly important when the newly arrived family pet has to be taught the basics of going to the toilet. We can all agree that a dog who doesn’t get it right will prove a major headache for its owner and an otherwise loving relationship will be placed under strain.

We have selected several pointers to get you started from, which has in turn taken them from Karen B London and Patricia B McConnell, the authors of ‘Way To Go! How to House train a Dog of Any Age,”.

According to London and McConnell the house training process basically boils down to two things: preventing accidental doggie discharges in the house and rewarding your canine companion for using the right spot. The first thing to ensure when you undertake the task is that your dog finds itself in one of three situations and then draw on your reserves of patience, persistence and vigilance.

The first scenario unfolds when your dog is outside with you. Choose a spot and always take the pooch there, waiting quietly until it has done its job. The dog should receive immediate praise and a treat for doing its business in the correct spot.

The second situation involves constant supervision on your part while the dog is inside. A puppy will squat and let go in a matter of seconds so you are responsible for watching it closely at all times and taking it outside at the first sign that an accident may be in the making.

Of course, many people can’t be around their pets all the time so a crate or a special gated area can help with the housetraining process. This method has two advantages, the first being that dogs will make every effort not to foul their sleeping place. The second is that the confined area prevents the dog from picking up the bad habit of soiling other house spots.

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