It’s Loud, It’s Sniffy And We Adore It!
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It's Loud, It's Sniffy And We Adore It!

Beagle owners may not know it but they have a truly ancient dog. Well, more like a representative of a breed whose origins are lost in the depths of time. In the Beagle installment of its Dogs 101 series, Animal Planet noted that the Beagle was a well-loved pooch in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, even as far back as the time of ancient Rome. But its ancestors appear to have been around even longer seeing as they are mentioned by Homer in his Iliad.

One of the upsides of this long history is that it has made Beagles one of the healthiest breeds in the canine kingdom. Grooming requirements are also minimal and being quite smart makes Beagles easily trainable. When you add their affectionate and fun-loving nature to the package, it’s hardly surprising that Beagles consistently rank among the most popular breeds.

But love means accepting the object of your affection with all their faults. As adorable as the Beagle is, it doesn’t mean that having one is all smooth sailing. Some of the things making this breed a bit of a challenge are not its fault really, most notably the fact that it is ruled by its nose. Beagles were bred for hunting and tracking scents is their forte. Simply get used to the fact that you will come second when your Beagle detects an intriguing smell. This is also a particularly loud breed, employing a mixture of standard barking, baying and howling to communicate. In fact, one theory holds that the name comes from the French “be’geule,”which translates as “gaped throat.”

But we have no doubt that Beagle owners don’t mind the vocal outpourings or being sometimes considered less worthy than a smell. It is for them that we have created our lovely Beagle charm, making it an excellent means of expressing their unconditional love for their naughty pooches.

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