Keeping Your Dog Safe In Cold Weather
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Keeping Your Dog Safe In Cold Weather

With winter in full swing, we reckon that novice dog owners will benefit from some tips on keeping their pets safe and sound during the snowy season. Hopefully, all dog owners will find something new as we take our pick from a list compiled by

We should start by pointing out that winter is the season when the largest number of dogs are reported missing. Always keep your pet on a leash when there is snow or ice, particularly during a snowstorm. Snow and ice can frequently lead to scent loss, making it easy for dogs to get lost. A snowstorm can cause the animal to panic and run away.

When you have had your daily walk, make sure you thoroughly clean the legs and stomach of your pet. Bear in mind that the anti-ice salt used on roads in winter is harmful and your dog may ingest it when it licks its paws. In addition, it may have picked up traces of antifreeze, which is lethal for dogs. It is also important to check your pet’s sensitive paw pads to make sure there is no bleeding due to snow or ice lodged in them.

Some dogs may be sensitive to the cold on account of age or illness and certain breeds don’t take low temperatures well. If your pet falls into one of these groups, don’t keep it outside any longer than it needs to go to the toilet. Some people look with derision at doggie fashion, but protective clothing is necessary for many dogs during the winter months, particularly in the case of short-coated breeds.

We’ll leave you with the following warning: cars can retain the cold and turn into death traps if you make the mistake of leaving your pet alone in the vehicle during a bout of cold weather.

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