Made in Britain

Made in Britain

We are extreamly proud that all of our charms are made here in the UK.

For many hundreds of years English silver has been famous for it’s quality and the turn of the 21st century is no exception. Desipte the rise in Asian factories and the cheap labour they offer we believe that the best place to make our jewellery is in Birmingham England.

We visit the manufactuer on a regular basis to make sure everything is done properly, carefully and perfectly Nothing is lost in translation and no corners cut.

Every piece produced is polished by hand and inspected by a real person. We have absolute trust in the manufacturing process and people that make our jewellery.

We give you our word that we will not outsource the production of our charms to China, Thailand or other far east country to save on our costs, not now not ever. Every person who is involved in the design and manufactuting of our charms is protected by UK law ensuring they are paid well and have excellent working conditions.

We are creating the best charms we can by sourcing the best designers and manufacturers. We only work with people who truly understand and care about English Silver and the pieces the produce.