The Wrinkly Face That Launches Gurgles Of Delight
The Wrinkly Face That Launches Gurgles Of Delight
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‘Aww, look at that cute little wrinkly face!’ is the most likely utterance to be heard from people finding themselves in the company of a Pug. This is the face that has held emperors and kings to ransom – with Pug lovers including King Louis XIV of France, Napoleon’s empress Josephine and Queen Victoria And let’s not get started on the list of modern-day celebrities that have fallen under the spell of this large-eyed, wrinkly-faced pooch!

It’s no wonder that Pugs are such a well-loved breed. Although they look sad or worried to some people, nothing can be further from the truth. Pugs are funny and fun-loving dogs and thrive on being part of a family. This is a dog that craves human company and can be so clingy as to drive some people mad. It’s not surprising really because Pugs were bred with companionship in mind. For those who don’t mind an attention-hungry dog and are willing to put extra effort into its house training, there are ample rewards.

Since the wrinkly face is the most distinctive feature of the Pug, it makes sense to draw attention to the care it requires on the part of the dog owner. As Vetstreet points out in its entry on the breed, some dogs may need to have their wrinkles cleaned on a daily basis, with special attention paid to the nose roll. Others will do just fine with a weekly clean. At any rate, the wrinkles should be thoroughly dried after cleaning to prevent mildew or infection.

Pugs are among the most popular of the toy breeds and people often have them in twos or threes. If you are a Pug owner, our charm will ensure that you are never away from the adorable face that has captured your heart for life!

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