Thinking Of Getting A Dog? Make Sure You Get The Right Breed
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Thinking Of Getting A Dog? Make Sure You Get The Right Breed

So… you’ve caught yourself thinking more and more lately about the joy a dog would bring into your home. We believe you are absolutely spot on but still urge you to consider a few things before parting with a copious amount of money for a purebred or rushing to the rescue centre as a more affordable alternative. We offer you some tips on choosing the right breed, drawing on an article published by

Start by considering whether a dog is really the type of pet suited to your home and lifestyle. Granted, dogs are unrivalled as companions but responsible ownership comes with significant time requirements. It’s not just walking, grooming and training – you will also have to pay attention to your dog and maintain that routine for years to come. It also has to be stressed that having a dog is anything but cheap! Veterinary bills aside, you’ll have to splash on assorted accessories and possibly a dog walker.

If you are still convinced that a dog is the right pet for you, then you need to consider the size of your future pup. Do extensive research into various breeds because size doesn’t always determine exercising needs. Typically, large breeds are not recommended for flat dwellers but lap dogs may be equally unsuitable for a person living on a farm. Some small breeds have long coats and will prove a grooming nightmare if they spends most of their time outside. On the other hand, some large breeds are perfectly happy to be couch potatoes and are content with moderate exercise.

Another point to take under advisement is whether the dog will need training. Of course, all dogs require training but some more than others on account of their temperament. In a way, this has to do with having enough time since training is basically a never-ending process.

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