Tips On Dealing With That Pesky Chewing Problem
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Tips On Dealing With That Pesky Chewing Problem

It’s a rare dog owner who hasn’t at least once flown into a rage at the sight of domestic destruction wreaked by the beloved family pet. Expensive leather shoes, favourite articles of clothing, prized pieces of furniture – nothing is safe unless you teach your puppy that chewing is OK only when practiced on objects designated for that purpose. With help from, we have compiled a list of tips on how to achieve success in that difficult undertaking.

The most important thing to remember is that puppies don’t indulge in destructive chewing out of spite or anger. Teething is one reason but a chewing fit can also be triggered by loneliness, anxiety or boredom. So keep that in mind and never punish your puppy for destroying some possession or other. Praise, cuddles and treats are the way to ensure success in your campaign to promote responsible chewing.

Until you can trust your dog not to lay the house to waste when left alone, make sure that it has a pleasant nook of its own to play and relax in. It will obviously need a stash of toys and the more, the better. Make them as varied as possible and strew them all over the room so that the puppy will have no reason to target other objects. You can make the chews more enticing by including rawhide and bones with different flavours. Another useful trick is to stuff hard rubber toys with treats thus keeping your puppy focused on extracting the tasty filling.

Whenever you are home, spare the time to play with your puppy and teach it to appreciate its toys. You can teach it to seek out and find the toys, rewarding it with praise, a hug or a treat when it succeeds. This will make your puppy associate such displays of affection with the right choice of chewing material.

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