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Want a Jack Russell? Stock Up On Running Shoes!
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Want a Jack Russell? Stock Up On Running Shoes!

Moose and his son Enzo are probably the best known Jack Russell Terriers to grace the small screen. The names may not ring a bell but you are bound to know the character they played, Eddie – the show-stealing dog on TV sitcom Frasier. Enzo took over from his father for the final four seasons of the show, proving to be more than suited to the task, upholding the massive popularity of the canine character.

But the point of this introduction is not to explore the presence of Jack Russells in show business. It is to caution prospective owners what they are getting into; although Eddie was endearing, funny and lovable he was also a beautifully trained dog. As www.terrificpets.com noted, a harmonious household is one where the family Jack Russell is treated as “a big dog with a small body.”

The most important things to bear in mind are that Jack Russells are basically portable turbo-jets and have the brains to get what they want. This is a dog that was bred for speed and represents one of the finest specimens of hunting terriers. It is a dynamo that loves nothing better than to prance about, chase and fetch and generally expend its massive amounts of energy. Affectionate and lovable it may be but a Jack Russell must be provided with ample daily exercise to prevent it from becoming a vociferous nuisance.

If you are prepared to invest time in rigorous daily physical and mental workouts for your dog, you will have a playful and affectionate companion for many years to come (Jack Russells can live for up to 16 years if properly looked after).

Our love for the breed has found expression in our lovely Jack Russell charm, which offers you the opportunity to take your adorable pet everywhere you go.

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