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What’s Not To Love About It? Well, Maybe One Thing…
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What's Not To Love About It? Well, Maybe One Thing...

When it comes to style and grace, few breeds can rival the Boston Terrier. And don’t let its belligerent appearance fool you – it is chock-full of friendliness and a veritable love bug! For those new to the breed, here are a few basic facts about the Boston Terrier courtesy of

The list kicks off with a trait we have just mentioned, that is to say, the dog’s affectionate nature. Having a Boston Terrier generally means having a dog somewhere on your person or one attempting to get there. If you are on the ground, it will try to settle in your lap. The next step would be draping itself around your neck or nestling into your chest. If you want a pet but are not all that into snuggling, you should consider a more reserved breed.

Despite being an inveterate cuddler, the Boston Terrier is by no means a lazy dog. On the contrary, it has oodles of energy and chasing after bugs and butterflies is more or less its idea of heaven. Large dogs will be gravely mistaken to think that the little fellow will fall behind if it came to running in a pack!

Now comes a word of caution: Boston Terriers are gassy creatures and the smell can peel paint off the wall! Sudden changes in diet are a no-no, as is human food. Following these recommendations can help alleviate the stink problem. It should also be noted that Boston Terriers are passionate chewers so keeping them well supplied with toys will keep your shoes and furniture intact.

If you already have a Boston Terrier, we are certain that you’ll adore it, smells and all, and we have just the thing for you – a charm that will make sure you never have to part company with your beloved Boston!

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